Recover, Train, and Perform with Expert Massage Therapy and Movement Coaching


Experience the physiological benefits of massage therapy in treatment that is specific to you and your goals. Learn what may be contributing to what you’re experiencing through thorough movement assessment, and get recommended movements and drills that will help get you closer to moving pain-free.

Book Your Discovery Session Today

This is a FREE 45 minute session! This session will help show why we are different here at Uplift. We will go over your goals and why you are seeking us out, assess the situation to determine the root cause of what you’re experiencing, and then make a plan to help you achieve your goals and get back to the level of performance you are looking for.

Mobilize & Adapt:


Typically done after doing your assessment based Discovery Session. This session combines soft tissue muscle work, along with movement interventions to help manage pain, decrease hypertonic muscles, improve range of motion, improve strength and stability, and help you learn how to move your body confidently.

Recover & Renew

60min / 90min

This session is 100% focused on using Massage Therapy soft tissue techniques to help support your recovery, manage pain, and more. This session is for someone who may have some aches and pains, DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), and stress, and is looking for a way to relieve them. Goals for a Recover and Renew session would be relaxation, improving recovery, promoting a parasympathetic state, improving range of motion, decreasing tissue tonicity, improving tissue glide, etc.

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